• provost
    impeccable, meets expectations perfectly, it really looks like good old-fashioned k***ine in a lighter version... I ordered a second one ;)

  • provost
    impecável, corresponde perfeitamente às expectativas, parece realmente um bom k***ine à moda antiga numa versão mais leve... Encomendei um segundo ;)

  • Traduzido de Samoan provost
    Very good product, guaranteed stimulating effect. 50 Mg is more than enough to erase fatigue after a too short night, or to be in perfect physical condition before a festive evening. Shayana at the top !! :-)

  • Traduzido de Portuguese provost
    Super long product to take effect but once I have taken the capsule for about 1h30 or even 2 for the 2nd and to spice up 1 stamp of 1P-LSD wow and 2 feliz E in a tjr tea without sugar and the bon voyage for the novice 1 capsules or 1 wow 1P-LSD and do not take the 2 because these products are a real jewel and I am not a novice of shayana

  • Traduzido de Samoan MyceliHomme
    Interesting products, we are on amphetamines like with a euphoric +, the effect also lasts less long (3-4 hours) Not necessarily decent with a cachet, but like all these kinds of molecules, the higher the dose, the higher the decent will be dizzying

  • MyceliHomme
    Hello psychonauts ;) So first of all, super fast and discreet order, as usual, (thanks Shayana ) As a fan of psychedelics and dissociatives, I decided to test the new LEAP. So, appearance of fine white crystalline powder, without any real smell. In the nose it goes well, no real taste, at least not too chemical. First effects 5 minutes later and plateau in half an hour, about 45 minutes and it comes down gently ... So on the one hand, the "anesthetic" and dissociative side that quickly gives you a numbness, first of the body then gradually of the mind, a little like alcohol but less stimulating, more serene (I speak for me). And on the other hand, by forcing the doses a little, the psychedelic side is more and more felt, ideal to have fun in a calm, nice, pleasant place, with something to trip (go for a walk ... or things to do with your hands, try to play cards, crazy laughter guaranteed) if you have lasers or lights and curtains of color it's even better, it comes titillate the psychedelic side of LEAP ... Basically, it's really like good "K" ................................................................/ > Otherwise for mixtures: = By mixing with 1P LSD, the psychedelic side is greatly amplified the "motivating" side of 1P and the dissociative side of LEAP fits well but by increasing the dose of LEAP your psychedelia will be amplified in you can experience "Astral Projection" or clearly have the physical and psychic impression of flying 30 cm above the ground (me ct 3 m...! ;) ) So yes good dissociative at low and high doses & good psychedelic at higher doses. Be careful, like any dissociative, don't be too forced on your back ;) ( "K.O." ) LEAP now enters TOP 3 of Shayana products (along with WOW and PULSE) I hope I helped you, Have a good Trip & Stay Safe! At the next T.R. ;)

A viagem começa quando dás o LEAP para um maravilhoso mundo novo onde a sensação de leveza te envolve e uma percepção alterada da visão e do som reina suprema.


Relaxamento, euforia suave, formigamento do corpo, aumento da consciência do som e da cor, sentido distorcido do tempo, maior apreciação da música, pensamento conceptual. Uma dose mais elevada pode levar a efeitos mais intensos, incluindo alucinações, experiências fora do corpo e perda de controlo físico.


O início do LEAP pode demorar um pouco mais do que o previsto. Recomendamos vivamente esperares entre 30 a 40 para sentires o efeito. Palavra de sábio: doses moderadas a maiores podem resultar em experiências intensas e desconexão da realidade. Para uma viagem mais relaxada e eufórica (evitando o K-O), mantenha-se nas doses baixas e aliste-se na companhia de um tripsitter.


Leve: 25 - 75 mg
Comum: 75 - 125 mg
Forte: 125 - 175 mg
Pesada: 175 mg +


Duração: 12 - 15 minutos
Suba: 15 - 30 minutos
Duração total: 1½ - 3 horas
Depois do Glow: 1 - 3 horas


2-FDCK (pó de cristal)