• Anya
    I was not expecting this to be so powerful. I took a 10ml dose and it was very intense. I won't say it was pleasant but I got to know myself a little better. It is very similar to a DMT trip and it lasts longer (around 5 hours). I will be buying this on a regular basis and experiment with higher doses and also microdosing. Shayana, please never discontinue this product, it is an easy access to DMT for everyone!

  • Traduzido de French Bnbgqg
    I would like to highlight the excellent service! We don't have to discuss the product, as always at Shayana first class, and the service and customer friendliness leave nothing to be desired! In short: product quality, shipping and service simply TOP!

  • Traduzido de Italian Andrea
    I have been picking it a few years ago on a full moon day, I smoked the first one, put me super well then more effect ...... never rained ^^ suddenly I think it is consumed occasionally very rarely for feel the effects

  • Traduzido de French STEVEN
    I love the Dutch Orange Mix Original. Effectively, this mixture really looks like a quality weed. My friends who tested this product were all amazed. Price level, no complaints. Each month, I only spend around 80 €, or 3 packs of 5 grams. With the Dutch Orange Mix, hell to find my consumption on the street from dealers not recommendable and at exorbitant prices. I now receive my package in my mailbox discreetly in 6 days. The dream!!! Thank you Shayana Shop and see you very soon! --- JOHN --- Saturday October 12, 2019

  • Traduzido de French Marcel
    Parcels received in 1 week with follow-up nothing to say, just wait 15 days to see them go out: p

  • Traduzido de French Hos
    A product that I discovered recently and I am not disappointed! The effects are close enough to a good joint. They last more or less 2 hours and that is enough (for my part)! Attention to the dose, the effect may surprise!

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Prepare-se para uma experiência única e vibrante! Feliz P produz ondas de felicidade psicadélica, ideal para explorar a mente e ouvir música.


Aumento da energia, estimulação sensorial e elevação do humor. Clímax e comedown suaves.


Cada embalagem contém ingredientes ativos suficientes para 2 doses leves ou 1 dose muito forte. Se experimentar Feliz pela primeira vez, uma dose leve entre 3ml e 5ml é altamente recomendada.


3-5 horas


4-HO-MET + água