Dutch Orange

  • Traduzido de French vie
    AWESOME THESE SMALL HERBS. Thank you to those who seek, find and share. Thank you for life, land and water. Thank you shayanas and long live Europe!

  • Traduzido de French Mèlissa
    After having tested the DO, DOLL, ba the surprie with that the level of taste and discomfort Chapeau we approach more and more to a good Dutch out of coffee. order received in 5 days in full bridge of May 1st !! thank you shayanna !!

  • Traduzido de German Aleks
    Hi, I've been testing the DO products for a few weeks now. Since it can be read openly that the products are sprayed with chemicals, I assume - after some web research - that they are synthetic cannabinoids. In my opinion, that's not necessarily a bad thing. However, I find the synthetic THC stronger. Yesterday I smoked a bong with it and had to lie down. Then I had difficulty breathing for half an hour. I got tired, almost fell asleep and then felt like I couldn't breathe. Not that bad, after all I didn't suffocate. ;-) However, it became clear to me that "Intense" stands for a relatively strong high. Beginners should take it slow, otherwise it can pull you away quite a bit. With long-term consumption, a certain tolerance / habit can develop, as with dope. Nevertheless, I look forward to my bong with DO every evening. :-) Conclusion: - price / performance is ok, could be a little better - drug test negative: good if you live in Bavaria or are with the BW or athletes .... - taste so-so - goes. - Effect: rich high. With a strong dose with a psychedelic touch. Sex is good if you can still do it. Otherwise I like to have a couch or bed nearby after the consumption if it hits hard. - Long-term effects: I cannot judge, but I am still testing. * smile * aleks

  • Traduzido de French Frantz
    I confirm the other comments, the barium leads my bang very well. spectacular, to try :))

  • Traduzido de German Philip
    I confirm the other comments, the barium leads my bang very well. spectacular, to try :))

  • Tobias
    Now this is more like it. Had run out of the T-Stick so went for this instead. Is it better? I don't know. Is it good? Hell, yes! A good way to spend the evening with a pen and paper/ solve the universe/ stuff that'll make you laugh your ass off every time you're-read just what you've just done. Hilarious

  • Tobias
    Great product! Ordered 3 of them the next time. It was the solid hash variant that arrived though, which is not for me. Get the loose blend, I implore ye

  • Traduzido de French Jhon-Jhon
    One of the best mixes for my taste. Good value for money. Personally, I mix with different Dutch Orange bags, and there is always "intense" in my recipe. very heavy smoker for a long time, I was able to quit with these products. No more "plan", no more traffic ... I order my bags, I make my mixes, and I have everything I need. The gram remains expensive, but it lasts much longer with the dosage so we find our way there. I also recommend the very professional site;

  • Traduzido de French challer
    As usual, arrived after a week, at the top, great product, discreet, fast and efficient .. do not hesitate to order dear shayana .. Thank you again great site

  • Traduzido de French garsdjo
    ras compared to the "normal" dutch orange, may indeed be a little stronger but nothing very different, still this dry mouth effect which lasts several hours.

  • Traduzido de French Saly
    No effects at all on me, I took 2 and nothing at all ...

  • K
    'Intense' is the right word to qualify this fucking shit ! First time I smoked it I didn't care about the amount I put in my spliff ... But believe me , I should have care ! I laid on my bed during an hour laughing for nothing and a goofy look on my face , stuck there like a beached whale lol ... I'm more warry now but despite the price , it's a reall good stuff (not cut with crap) and you can go for it !

  • Loick
    Très bon produit avec une intensité parfaite pour passer une après midi tranquille sans effets violents. On à l'impression de tourner sous une sativa légère, avec juste ce qu'il faut de produit pour planer en étant pro-actif ! Mélangés avec la long lasting, c'est ce qui m'a fais le plus penser à de la ganja ! Je recommande vivement, ce produit accompagne doucement et surement toutes mes journées maintenant !

  • Traduzido de Italian Dario
    Shayana thank you for the small discreet package delivered in just 4 days. So ... I have been a consumer of sweetness for a long time ... I must say it is this little green neck! I who wanted to change his was a good experience. Don't underestimate, start with small doses. Taste is fine too, thank you!

  • Traduzido de Italian Luka
    Excellent fast delivery, ordered Monday morning, I received Thursday (today), 15 minutes after his arrival, skinned up, smoked and I'm buzzin. Great, thanks Shayana !!

  • Traduzido de French cotteverte
    well received the package in 6 days and after weighing, the 3gr are there sense problem. It's true that it smells of pepper. after my first seal that I didn't overload. in some taf the effect occurs. yet I am not a fan of smoking my la that clake well. especially not to charge kom a madman it is useless and c as much fun.

  • Traduzido de French charafi
    good product a good smell reasonable delivery time, frankly I was skeptical but I admit that they assured shayana

  • Mikey
    Greaat stuff Really really liked it. Will order this blend again asap

Dutch Orange


Outra grande mistura da série Dutch Orange com um novo impacto intenso. Com uma maior concentração de ingredientes básicos que te vão fazer muito feliz ao usar este novo Blend. Usando as mesmas características que o Dutch Orange Herbal Incense esta mistura vai dar-te um efeito mais forte e mais duradouro. Uma grande adição a uma marca de misturas de ervas de alta qualidade.


Forte sensação corporal, estimulação psicoactiva, melhoramento sensorial. Os efeitos são melhor experimentados num ambiente de humor positivo e num ambiente confortável.


Dutch Orange contém uma receita especial de ervas naturais e canabinóides. Os canabinóides são os ingredientes activos que ocorrem naturalmente na planta do cânhamo (Cannabis sativa L).