Royal T

  • MN
    erst eine ... keine wirkung dann die 2. - keine wirkung gut gemeint, aber mit "liquid lsd" hat das ma garnix zutun. kann es leider nicht weiter empfehlen.

  • Kane
    Unfortunately I didn't get any psychedellics. What I was truly hoping for. But the mood and sensation was top notch. Best product on the market for that. I truly appreciate this product as it's what I have looked for.

  • freak
    even the ingredients are not listed as usual..

  • Traduzido de German Johannes
    The effect is not instantaneous, but after a few seconds the sensation of heat arrives but above all the pulsations soar, like a drum on the temples, I was almost scared ... maybe I held back the fumes too much, to be used with great caution

  • Traduzido de French Rupp
    I expected the product to be soft, but not that much ?? Indeed, two three mounted heat, well being and the trip ended there ??

  • Traduzido de Samoan freak
    It was awesome! Fast delivery in 3 working days! I really love it! Euphoric with great giggles! little bit physical with a feeling of energy, lightness and increased libido. Mental with deep thoughts and the impression of better understanding and finally some nice visual hallu Thank you Shayana I am very satisfied

  • Traduzido de French Pat
    Hello, Personally I warn about the ideas that one could have of the self-name "LIQUID LSD". Don't over-plan on possible dreamlike journeys or hallucinatory visions. The product tastes like a little bitter and sour plum juice but is fairly easy to drink and its effects are MDMA-like for those in the know. It only makes you feel "hot" and feel good about these things ... LOL. Be careful with people who are a little sensitive and / or mixtures. The product is still active and therefore it is better to plan a "descent" or one does not get annoyed for "nothing at all".

Royal T is an herbal shooter with effects similar to illegal LSD ! the effects last for about 4 hours so you can enjoy your party night to the fullest!

shake well. use one hour after meal. swallow half of the content first to check response. drink a glass of water or juice afterwards.

Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages.