Sementes Peganum Harmala

  • Traduzido de German t.c.keta
    Steppe rhombus all the best trip generation or amplifier accustomed amount of Schroms and wait until the effect comes then sip powder about 3g (very bitter, and active in black light, promotes mind reading skills em patie and so pigs horny

  • Traduzido de French RAFOU
    BEFORE ANYTHING: (BE CAREFULL) Peganum, is not at all a drug like the others and even less like the mushrooms !!! The peganum is an MAOI, which is normally used for the DMT to have the effect orally ... DMT + MOIA = AYAHUASCALe Peganum All alone Could you give the best or the worst trip of your life, but whether it is good or bad, It will be MYSTICAL ... Very Mystical -------- -------- PREPARATION: ---------------- 1_ In Infusion: (POWERFUL) Leave Very Long (30 min) Infuse in boiling water, then filter , collect the seeds they can be used again ... 2_ In capsule: (Less powerful) You have to crush the seeds and put them in capsules to eat them ... It's not great3_ In Extract: !!! Forget it !!! I took it 3 times: 1_ in Infus 3gramm = Very light but magnificent sensation of floating in the air of small blue commettes passing in all directions ... 2_ in capsule: NOTHING3_ Around 10g in Infu well made and it has given The greatest BADTRIP we can do ... ( Visual and sound hallu Ultra concrete but mystical, it hooks you and as soon as you see something it is as if a spirit in your brain forces you to look, and in fact, your hallu seems to you to hear really philosophically the thing there most rewarding in the world it's very hard to explain ... For example hallu of Serpent ULTRA BIEN FAIT who looks you in the eyes like no one has ever looked so deeply !!!) With that: vomiting do you want it here's!! shit !!! trembling, feeling of going back and forth in a coma very briefly (a few seconds) .... It's not recreational, it's really shamanism so I would say that without experience it's a great danger ... Good luck to everyone

  • Patrik
    Fine thing.if taken 2 hours before it potencies mushrooms and acid 2 or 3 times and you will trip double of the normal time. Use with respect. Without hallucinogenes it makes you week and mellow, good for looking Tv or talking to a relative. With hash it makes you very stoned. Not for everyone, but for everyone who knows how to use it. Have Attention for MAO-Problems if you use this!!

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  • Heiko
    I am think this is a good product its one off my favourite products you can do so some Special thinks with this product. I am use this seeds maybe solo with cannabis or you can it combinate with other ayu products But the Best Experience is its combinate in mush room trip! best regards .h.

  • Traduzido de French à
    Best value for money, ac 3.5g each in the form of tea (let boil or less 20 minutes) ... dead for 4 hours, full of small aluminum, a feeling of floating, of laughter ... and important: no nausea for anyone at the start of the trip unlike the other seeds. (very important the comics for the descent or for the trip if you want to increase the power ;-)).

  • Traduzido de French benhissen-saliha
    peganum harmala as a mosquito control

  • Traduzido de Spanish elias
    Ayahuasca peganum harmala-psychotria viridis Quantities: 3 grams of peganum harmala (ayahuasca: MAOI) in infusion 16 grams of psychotria viridis (chacruna: DMT) in infusion Place: my house, the travel chair Setting: Selected music, darkness and solitude. My girlfriend slept in another room. Other substances: Marijuana special K and stonedge a little after each drink for the bad taste and nausea. Development: 23:30: 3grms of peganum 23:45 feels in the belly 00:10 chacruna ½ dose 00:40 upset stomach followed by vomiting 1:00 full high. Incredibly beautiful visuals and a voice that tells me, tells me, explains the beauty of the universe. 1:45 visuals and voice drop, but emotional high with deep insigth, great emotional openness remains. 2:00 ½ more doses of chacruna 2:30 upset stomach followed by vomiting. much softer everything (discomfort, vomiting, high) 4:20 end of music and high. Comments The amount of psychotria viridis you take twice could have been separated by 2/3 first and another 1/3 later, before the effects of the first shot faded. (instead of ½ first and ½ later as I did) In this way, the psychoactive effects would have manifested themselves with more intensity and greater length of time. Likewise I would have taken a little more harmala, to help in the intensity but it would not have been so important. The trip had as fundamental elements the bodily sensations and emotional elements that make my daily life today. The first sensation I experienced was related with stomach upset and fear of going deep into the high. Fear of doing it alone, thinking that it was unnecessary, thinking if it was not better to leave ayahuasca and go on with a life of fewer shocks, more comfort, "comfortably asleep", staying to watch television instead of doing these things, etc. . I also remember thinking that it was a path that I would want to follow to know if I really want to continue it. I remember thinking that life is short and intense and that it is better to know what we want to know if it satisfies us, makes us happy. These thoughts were halfway between normal consciousness and the ayahuasca effect that at the moment was concentrated in the stomach. I remember thinking about how similar it is to the effect of mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis), especially at first and in the sensation of digestion of the infusion. Heavy stomach activity and then the rise of the substance (dmt) to the brain, at which time the intellectualizations give way to the experiences. This developed over the first 30 minutes from the taking of chacruna (psychotria) reaching its peak at the time of vomiting. As always (how much does it cost to learn it) the upset stomach was growing as I resisted giving way to the experience. At that time my thoughts and emotions were in a state of "association free” psychoanalytic. Reviewing conversations, gestures, thoughts of my current life, I suddenly began to feel-visualize the drink stuck in a narrowing conduit. I thought (or did I feel a voice?) Telling me that this discomfort before the onset of the stone was going to take as long as I wanted. The one that was necessary until he let it manifest.

  • Traduzido de French Emmatome
    No effect and not very good!

  • Traduzido de Spanish elias
    Psilohuasca By EliasSubstances. Peganum harmala. 3g of seeds extracted in infusion with water and lemon. Psilocybes Cubensis. 2 g dried mushrooms.Marihuana. (special k) A few puffs at the beginning and end of the experience. Music selection. Administration Home. 19:20 infusion of 2 g of harmalina. + 1 g of cubensis. 20:08 hs I feel the harmaline but almost nothing of psilocybin 20:20 infusion of 1g of harmaline approximately + 0.3g of cubensis I can not clearly define if I am placed 21.00 I take 0.7 g more of cubensis 21:30 clearly psychoactive effect . The psychedelic experience begins. 23h obviously, the effect has been delayed in manifesting. I begin to feel now the metabolism of the first fungi that I took 23:30 peak effect. I want to mobilize and it is very difficult for me to control my body. With a lot of difficulty I get to the sink. 24:40 the classic rise and fall of the psilocybes. The effect begins to reduce but sometimes returns with intensity. 1:30 the clearly psychoactive effect is reduced and gives way to a hardly categorizable course of thought. In the limits of the psychoactive. After all, isn't thought an hallucinatory manifestation? 2:30 I get up and take a shower. Vaseline post psilocybes. 3:30 I'm going to sleep. Very easy sleep and awakening super clear.Temporary graph of the experience Experience I have had numerous experiences with psilocybes, mostly with stropharia cubensis, this being one of my favorite drugs.About 1 year before the experience I will tell you below, I had the opportunity to take ayahuasca (peganum harmala-psychotria viridis combination). That experience was very interesting and I decided to try the psilocybes-harmalina combination which, on the other hand, was the first ayahuasca (properly psilohuasca) that I prepared and ingested alone. of peganum harmala (about 3 or 4g) and about 2 g of dried psilocybes cubensis. At 7:30 p.m. I took the harmaline (approx. 2g) and then ingested 1g of cubensis. I placed a specially prepared session of music and relaxed in bed in the dark. They spent about 50 minutes and I only felt the activity of the harmalina. (little self-evident). Judging that it was not enough I decided to take the rest of harmalina (1g more) and 0.5 g more psilocybes. I waited another half hour and could not define whether it was clearly placed; I decided to take 1gr of cubensis to increase the effect. (At that moment I completed the total ingested dose of 3g of peganum and 2g of cubensis.) After ½ hour of this last ingestion I began to clearly perceive the psychoactive effect. It was 9:30 pm and 2 hours had elapsed since the first ingestion. The first manifestation was like a sudden presence that was placed in front of me. I am not referring to an external object in my vision but to a sense of company, as if the Cubensis had said “we are here”. Then I visualized (with my eyes closed) a rotating and changing mandala. It had violet, blue and red colors, with complex and clearly defined shapes. After a while this imagery ps

  • Traduzido de French vithalluci
    we try 3g with 5g tapenesis each in infu me and a friend we first saw the effect of tapenesis. We will not stop laughing but we did not take enough to have hallu (take 15g for a little hallu but I recommend buying psilo thai instead) after me I do not feel the effects of the pagenum so I took 3g macerer with rum and there I stuck on things my not really good and my friend was completely stuck at the limit of bader limit. After we smoked 10g for a whole afternoon! I succeeded in extracting the seeds reduced to powder with 50% white rum let evaporate slowly 2 to 3 hours then before the end either with a sprayer reduce to a minimum without the active principle bar or add a little water and evaporate the rest of the alcohol but not yet test.

  • Traduzido de German Hans
    Fasting a good MAO inhibitor is important! When painting ayahuasca, add or consume 15 to 30 minutes beforehand.

Sementes Peganum Harmala

A Peganum harmala, também conhecida como rue síria, cresce do Mediterrâneo para o norte da Índia, Mongólia e Manchúria. Tem muitas utilizações na medicina popular, sendo também valorizada como afrodisíaco natural. As suas sementes têm sido utilizadas como especiarias e os seus frutos são a fonte de um corante vermelho e de óleo.


O Peganum harmala é um inibidor da MAO.